Making Research Work

The University of Pittsburgh consistently ranks among the world’s elite academic institutions. Gain access to our world-class facilities and expert scholars.

Powering Your Research Needs

The Swanson School of Engineering offers you a full range of reliable, efficient solutions and technologies to enhance your research efforts.

Simplifying Your Lab Life

From tissue processing to DNA extraction, the Schools of the Health Sciences can help achieve your research goals by providing materials and dedicated support.

Providing Access to External Partners

Through a variety of contract options, industry and university partners can leverage our facilities to find solutions to their complex, multi-faceted issues.

Facilitating Innovation and Discovery

From aging to translational medicine, our research expertise spans over a dozen multidisciplinary areas and has become a major force in the research community.

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The University of Pittsburgh continues to lead the world in constant innovation across multiple disciplines, from engineering to health sciences. As a result, our facilities give you direct access to the best resources and expertise to complement your research.
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